The Man Without

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911420828

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A haunting, unforgettable novel from one of Britain’s finest writers

Antony Dobson has lived through a lot in his short twenty-six years. Desperate, loveable and utterly confused, he gets a kick out of taking risks, gets a thrill from taking himself right to the edge and, so far at least, back again. But haunted by childhood memories and guarding a dark, humiliating secret that he dare not reveal, he’s hurtling fast towards the point of no return.

Impressive and irresistibly readable, this tightrope walk of a novel explores memory, love, identity, and absence in a dazzling display that is in turn sad, witty and deeply affecting.

‘Combines beautifully assembled prose with a sharp insight into a very real subject. A disturbing, but worthwhile read’ Gay Times

‘Vivid, unforgettable’ The Times

‘A disruptive, boundary-crossing, perceptive and moving novel set in a North I actually recognize’ Paul Farley